Following the Rules

Coffee Thought on Forgiveness

A couple of weeks ago Little Durango was out in the driveway playing basketball. With basketball season just starting for him he tries to get in as much practice time as he possibly can. Anyway, he was out there dribbling and shooting away like some maniac when he...

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Coffee, Con Men and Blind Squirrels

My oldest son, Bubba took his girlfriend to dinner and a show recently in what we refer to as the "Big Apple", good old New York City.Now, Bubba has been into the city numerous times, he's been in to see plays, skate at Rockefeller Center, have dinner in some of the...

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Coffee on the Beach

I recently had the pleasure of taking some time off from my busy schedule . . So I packed up the whole Durango clan and we headed down to the beach in South Carolina. Lovely area down there, a true testimony of the Lord's glorious creativity.Anyway, as anyone who...

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Coffee at the Mall

Mrs. Durango and I took a trip to the mall on Saturday, seems she had a couple of last minute items she needed to get. While Mrs. Durango ran into the card store I grabbed a cup of coffee at Starbucks and sat down at a table outside of the coffee shop.I watched as...

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Coffee and the Thunderstorm

We had quite the storm tear through the area the other night! High winds, torrential rain, hail, thunder and lightening . . . It took down numerous trees and power lines as it ripped through here.That night it just so happened that my little nephew Joey was staying...

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Coffee and Cleaning for Company

Sitting here sipping my coffee this morning I thought back to a time when our boys were younger. Things were pretty hectic back then trying to raise 3 young boys while Mrs. Durango was running child day care at our house. Seemed as though just about everywhere you...

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The Lord’s Salad Bowl

I sat down to dinner last night and sitting there on the table was the most beautiful freshly tossed salad I had ever laid my eyes on. (Mrs. Durango had truly outdone herself with this masterpiece). It consisted of a variety of vegetables . . .There was radicchio,...

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