The Rescued Crow

Ask, Seek, Knock

The young man paid a visit to the Doctor. He was a bit nervous and shy.The Doctor inquired of him what his problem was. He mentioned a few things which the Doctor addressed by prescribing some medication.When the man got back to the car he remembered that there was...

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The Haven Goat

The boys called him Sam. He was a likeable fellow. He seemed to be very innocent as he roamed free around the Haven grounds. No need to keep him tied or penned up in a shed. That would be a shame so it seemed.There were a few problems letting him roam free.I noticed...

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Illegal Fish

Sometime ago my wife and I were in Australia visiting our son. One day he suggested that we launch his boat and go out onto the river and do a bit of fishing.My wife, who doesn't like being on boats, stayed back at the house. My son, two grandsons, age 10 and 6, and I...

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Meeting Place

Marks and Spencer's was the arranged meeting place for a husband and wife doing a bit of shopping in Brae head Centre.The wife said she would be in M&S, so when the husband was finished his own shopping, it was time to meet up with his wife again.A problem began...

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One Vision Only

After collecting a few items at the garden centre, I made my way to the check-out.I chose one where a lady was almost finished paying for her items, or so I thought.Just while I was priding myself for a good choice of till with a small queue, a friend of the lady in...

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The Trees

From inside of the house I could hear the sound of the wind.I opened the back door to have a look outside. The wind was very strong and I could hear it whistling through the trees at the bottom of the garden. They were about twenty feet tall and creating a very...

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Donnie Black