The Rescued Crow

Too Big Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs were getting too big at the roadside. Vision was getting very limited coming out from the Farm onto the main road. Drastic measures were needed to remedy the problem. Every obstacle had to be removed before an accident would happen. So, with hand saw...

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The Trees

From inside of the house I could hear the sound of the wind. I opened the back door to have a look outside. The wind was very strong and I could hear it whistling through the trees at the bottom of the garden. They were about twenty feet tall and creating a very...

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The Empty Space

Christmas time passed with all its business. The New Year celebrations faded into a shadow. Time to get back into harness as the saying goes. After being away for a few weeks from the Housing Support Centre, called “The Haven,” where I work part time, I noticed on...

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I lit the gas and slid the big porridge pot over the flame. Water and a little salt had been added to the oats some time earlier. Five minutes passed and it looked as if nothing was happening in the pot. A little stirring of the contents of the pot and a bit more...

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It was an exciting time for the baby turtles. They had been buried in the sand, on the beach, in the form of an egg for some time. The development inside of the shell was now complete. It was time for the baby turtles to break out of the shell and dig their way to the...

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A Blessing in Disguise

It was a very windy day, and I had a lot of small branches and twigs in piles in different parts of the garden. I had pruned lots of bushes and it was time to gather up all the cuttings. I decided to use my barrow to transport those branches to a corner of the garden....

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Donnie Black