Add Value

It’s just a thought. But give me a moment and see if it works for you.If someone does a good thing … well … it’s down to them … it’s their story. The credit, the kudos, whatever, are all theirs, right? Well, yes … and no.Jackie was at work in the hairdressing salon....

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Be a Rose

Staying with the gap-toothed-smile theme a little longer …I went to the dentist this morning. Don’t worry, I’m not going into the realms of drilling and screaming! This little idea came to me in the waiting room (before the drilling and screaming J)The dental surgery...

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The Cormorant

I had a day with nothing to do, so I got the bike out and cycled to the next to some shops in the next town. At one point the cycle path took me alongside a river and under a bridge.The bridge is a fairly major affair. Passing under it you hear the near constant...

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Drops of Love

Near where I live there’s a little garden wall that’s seen better times.It’s only about two and a half feet tall with a row of capping stones along the top. These capping stones are rectangular pieces about three feet long by a foot wide by a foot tall.You would think...

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How do you fit everything you are supposed to do into the day? Well, with all the pressures and expectations of modern life, sometimes you just can’t. Often we concentrate on the things that need immediate attention or provide immediate results. And what gets left...

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The Promise

The rainbow is a beautiful symbol – but it only comes after the rain.God’s covenant, his promise of a new beginning, was a rainbow which came after an awful, terrible time, the flood that destroyed most of mankind.My awful, terrible time was when my dad died. He was a...

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God Calling

My neighbour Hugh and I often had arguments about faith. Hugh didn’t believe in God – until he had a phone call from Him.He was enjoying a good night’s sleep when the phone rang downstairs. He looked at his clock and swore. Ten past three! It could only be bad news at...

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David McLaughlan