I Was Caught in a Dilemma

"I was caught in a dilemma. On one hand, I wanted badly to become a nurse. The idea of helping people really appealed to me. On the other hand, studying four hours a day had no appeal. My grades showed it. At the age of nineteen, I failed my first year of nursing...

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Preparing to Win

If there was ever an improbable prospect for major league baseball stardom, that longshot was Maury Wills. When he first tried out for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1950, he stood five feet eight inches tall and weighed 150 pounds-too small to play most positions. He was a...

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She Pushed the Envelope of Compassion

Every week, Linda Bremner sends a thousand letters to children she doesn't even know. Some parents might not like their children getting letters from a stranger. But not these moms and dads. They write back to thank her-and so do the parents. Linda's letters give...

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Mission on the March

He possessed a five-day supply of food, a Bible and Pilgrim's Progress (his two treasures), a small ax for protection, and a blanket. With these, Legson Kayira eagerly set out on the journey of his life. He was going to walk from his tribal village in Nyasaland, north...

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Cynthia Kersey