From Technical to Terrific

During the first 17 years of my life a great percentage of that time was spent learning the intricacies of the piano, with hours of scales, arpeggios and melodies of increasing difficulty.Since that initial learning stage this special instrument has brought many hours...

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It’s Mango Season Again!

You’re armed and dangerous - sharp knife, chopping board and the most important ingredient…a cool ripe mango! You let the knife slice either side of this huge fruit, whilst the mind and mouth are beginning to salivate. You wipe the dribble from the corner of your...

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It wasn’t said as an accusation, but my sister spoke words on her recent visit that arrowed my heart immediately.“Oh, dear, you are earthy, aren’t you?” she flippantly spoke.Even though the conversation continued, the thought weighed heavily on my soul.But as I have...

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Fighting the Door

The elderly lady was handed the half open door of a side entrance of the shopping centre. They thought they were being kind in not just letting it close, but the young entering shoppers didn’t see what happened next.Rather than open the door, the slightly built senior...

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Lolly Dilemma

At the end of a hectic day, I informed the class, “I’ve got something special in my bag. Who wants a treat?” Immediately everyone’s hand shot up.“OK then, everyone line up,” I instructed.As I pulled out the bag of Christmas goodies, there was a combined ‘ooh’ from the...

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What are You Drinking?

Imagine yourself lost in a boat out in the ocean. Your thoughts would eventually turn to how thirsty you are. You’re craving for the thing that is totally surrounding you.It is an option, drinking the water that the boat sits in, but from experience you know you could...

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On the Ground

Caden, an eleven year old boy, was after a little adventure. After looking for crabs behind rocks and watching fish swimming against the out-flowing tide, he decided to cross the river.Even though the water was only up to his chest, with his small body frame and light...

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Bruce Wadd