No Strings Attached

I wake up each morning feeling weary and beat up.Each night as I thank God for all the wonderful prayers answered I feel full and alive. I feel hopeful. I feel that everything and everyone I prayed for already had been taken care of.That's my kind of faith....

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Maybe God Sent You

I have had many remarkable moments in my life. I have felt pain, sorrow, and profound loss.I have danced with joy and screamed with overwhelming happiness.Yes, those moments stand out clearly in my mind with instant recall of each emotion.But, they do not fill the 63...

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“Things don't always work out the way you want them to,” she said.Her soft skin showed every bone in her hand as I held it while talking to this wonderful woman.Her pure white hair was apparently earned through every challenging year of her life.When she looked at me...

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The Underside of Leaves

I was awake. Challenging my mind with memories and questioning what happened kept me from enjoying any kind of sleep.There is a view of my backyard that I love. The small window which scrolls out and upward in my bathroom has always been a peaceful place for me.In the...

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The Toughest Times

There are lessons to be learned and people to teach them.I find that to be true in every part of my life. It is important to note that sometimes we are the student and sometimes we are the teacher.So, how do we know if we are learning or teaching?It all depends on our...

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Thousand Pieces

I'm upside down and inside out. I'm lost and found. I'm broken into a thousand pieces and still I am together.I remember the great book by pastor David Wilkerson, “The Cross and the Switchblade.”There was one part in that true story that has stayed with me for many...

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You Can’t Beat Art… Or Can You?

The one thing I hear from most people is that they struggle with finding their "gift" or talent.The thing is most people have many gifts but they just don't see the value in them.Right now on public square in Wilkes Barre, Pa is the Fine Arts Fiesta.It's an annual...

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Bob Perks