The Messenger

"Are you the one?"I've asked myself that question thousands of times through the years.You see, all of the answers I need in life always come through people. Everyday people I meet along the way.All the truly important things in life I've learned the hard way. God...

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The Loss or the Lesson

"How incredibly sad. The destruction of the creek along the banks has left behind a real mess. Look at all those roots exposed," he said.I thought we were looking at two different things."Gee, I was just looking at that and found it incredibly fascinating. I guess you...

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The Smile of a Child

On the steps of the small, white house the young girl sat. You could tell there was something troubling her, for young girls are giddy and very much alive.As I approached her, she lifted her head, but only for a moment.“Well, what could be troubling you on this...

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She Liked Her Days Cloudy

It's difficult sometimes being self employed. I often long for conversations with co workers over a cup of coffee. Or the mid morning meeting held in the board room to discuss growth. Many days I wake up longing for the opportunity and find myself right where I'm...

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As They Saw His Angel Face

They were both there the first time he cried. It was a joyful sound. The sound of life beginning and they waited so long to hear it. Mom and Dad were proud of him as they saw his angel face.But today he lay there in the dirt face down crying one more time..."Mom,...

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Love Is Made Visible

"Who is responsible for this?" The Pastor asked. "I can't believe that no one has taken care of it. I have been getting phones calls for two days. I didn't know what to tell them."For longer than anyone can remember the old Gospel Church atop the hill in Reddington...

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Bob Perks