The First Thing I Did

Think about the bad moments in your life and ask, "What was the first thing I did?"Think about the good moments in life and ask, "What was the first thing I did?"If it involved acknowledging God I know you understand. If it didn't "What's the first thing you should...

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Help Me Remember

I had to look twice. I couldn't believe what I saw the first time and truthfully, the second look didn't help.In a world full of "jazzies" and "mobile chairs" of all types, I saw the most amazing thing. A regular, old fashioned wheel chair. I mean old. No special...

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On the Shores of Life

I see life like the ocean.I have stood on the edge and looking out I was overwhelmed by the enormity of it. I can see the horizon but until I set sail I will never know what lies ahead.Some days it comes gently lapping at my feet. Its gentle roll and sway brings peace...

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Never Forget That I Love You

At that very moment I thought, "I will never forget this!"But I did.There was a song back in the 70's that I can remember performing..."Please remember what I told you to forget." The original was by the Four Tops. But the one that I loved to sing was a true...

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If I Were Lost, Would You Look for Me?

If I were lost would you look for me?If cried would you care enough to ask why?If I were empty would you fill me up again?If I were stolen would you report me missing?Foolish questions? Perhaps.They were brought to my attention this morning when my phone rang and I...

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School of Hard Knocks

"I guess I'm just having a bad day," I said. I was in line at the grocery store. Not my favorite place to be. They were out of most everything I was looking for, so my small cart was nearly empty.I placed the few items on the conveyor belt and began searching through...

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What Do You Fear?

I watched a child in the mall yesterday as she was kicking and screaming. Her parents were trying their best to calm her down.I also watched the people passing by them.Some shook their heads and saw the child as a spoiled, "give me what I want now," child. Others...

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Bob Perks