The Pig Who Saved Christmas


Dedicated to all those whose service has made us free"Mommy can I pin the medal on grandpa's uniform today?" I asked."No dear this is not the time nor the place." She responded.My young years did not make me understand.I went to my father and said, "Daddy can I pin...

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This morning when I woke up I dreaded going to work so I shouldered the burden of work upon my back. I walked to the front room and saw the stack of bills to be paid. Again the burden was put upon my back. I walked to my children's room and saw them asleep, dreaming...

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Where Angels Tread

My wife lay in the hospital bed, recovering from her liver operation, the chemotherapy treatment, and lastly coming out of a semi-coma. Her chances of survial were slim, about ½ of one percent, but survive she did. Phil, her son in law and I were visiting her, getting...

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Where I Found God

My wife had died from cancer resulting in the following questions. Why? What to do with my life? To resolve my personal/spiritual issues, I took a two week vacation to New Mexico. I will skip all the natural beauty I visited in that state and tell of meeting God.South...

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Crux of the Moment

All of us have been exposed to a ‘moment of truth’, a moment where one’s life can turn on a decision, an action, a happening. For better or for ill, my life seems to be one long series of moments that have changed my life and my perspective of what is important in...

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Of Onion Burgers, Baseball and Parenting

My son Vince, actually my step-son but to me my son, had the misfortune of having an alcoholic mother and father. When I entered his life, he was shaking from being on speed. He was an addict at age 15 and had been arrested for stealing motorcycles. He had little...

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BJ Cassady