The Pig Who Saved Christmas

The Magical Christmas of 1969

My first Christmas being married and oh talk about poor. I was laid off from the plant in February after being married in January and could not find a job for six months. When I found my next job, it paid less than one half of what I was making and to top matters off,...

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My wife had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. We fought the good fight for several years taking chemo treatments and praying. Finally one day the cancer reached the liver, and the only hope would be to tie off the major arteries to the infected half of the liver....

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The Day Santa Became Healed

My wife had died from cancer in September 1994 after a long painful battle with this horrid disease. Depression hung over me and through my soul for months on end. I cared little about the world I lived in. The dreaded holidays came and passed, Halloween, thanksgiving...

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A Gift of Giving

Looking forward to Christmas 1995, to me, described a paradox. How can one enjoy Christmas when their loving spouse recently passed away from cancer, and yet Christmas is a time for celebration...I had a friend, recently divorced, who was going through his first...

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I See Jesus

(In loving memory of Sharon Cassady)My wife was terminally ill with cancer. We had just traveled the previous weekend to visit relatives and took a granddaughter with us. The trip was a success. Tuesday evening I received a phone call from the doctor."According to the...

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The Lonely Cross

Dedicated to my Mother and Aunt OpalI am alone, yet I am not sad.I once held the Savior, for that I am glad.I am but a piece of woodwho held Christ, who gave all He could.I once belonged to a grand old tree.Yes, I held Jesus who died so your soul could be free.He...

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BJ Cassady