The Pig Who Saved Christmas

Thanks, Sarge!

The year was 1963, the base Schilling AFB in Salina, Kansas. I had just played one heck of a basketball game when I got my legs cut out from under me on a lay up. I hit the floor hard and immediately went into a gran mal seizure, the first of my life. As I was on the...

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Because It Is Mine to Give

Last weekend I made a trip for healing, healing for my soul and healing for another. I traveled to where my ex-wife lived. She had a serious drinking problem which caused our marriage to dissolve. My step-son took me to her house, little more than a shanty, to see his...

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He Makes Me Laugh

As memorial day approaches, I reflect upon the life I had with my deceased wife, Sharon. Even though I am know happily remarried, still the joy, pain and memories are never totally removed. When I married Sharon, she had terminal cancer. However, due to the nature of...

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An Angel in the Desert

Sharon and I were finally ready to start on our first vacation/honeymoon. Sharon had never had a vacation in her life, she usually visited relatives instead. She and I were looking forward to 'our' trip together. We were tight on money. Our goals was to head West from...

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The Master’s Hand

My Master has loved me from the first day. My Master has provided all I need in this life. My Master has fed me, played with me and loved me in more ways than I can describe. But the one thing I loved the most was the touch of my Master's hand. The touch calmed me,...

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The Master’s Leash

When I take my dog Katie for a walk, she used to pull on the chain very tightly. She longed to be off the leash. When I let her off the leash to run, she would not come back to me until she was tired, thirsty, and hungry. To me, the most important command to a dog is...

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BJ Cassady