Does God Know About this?

A Lion Tamer

A first grade teacher seated her students in a circle. She asked them what they wanted to be when they grew up. One by one, each child got up and announced, "I'd like to be a nurse like my mother," or "I want to be a banker like my father," or "I want to be a teacher...

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Looking Like a Christian

A little old Jewish lady is flying out of New York City on her way to Miami Beach. She looks at the businessman sitting next to her and asks him,"Excuse me sir, but are you Jewish?"The man responds politely, "No, ma'am, I'm not Jewish."After a little while she again...

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The Lamb and the Bear

The story is told of a Russian named Ivanovich who visited the Moscow zoo for the first time. To his amazement, he found a little lamb sharing the cage with a big fierce bear.Ivanovich expressed surprise to his guide. The guide smiled and said, "That is peaceful...

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My Dad Knows God

"When my son was a small boy playing with his buddies in the back yard, I overheard them talking one day -- and the conversation was, amusingly, one of those 'My dad can whip your dad' routines."I heard one boy proudly say, 'My dad knows the mayor of our town!' Then I...

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My Neighbor’s Horse

The story is told of a man in Massachusetts many years ago who found his neighbour's horse in the middle of his field. He was so angry about it that he took the horse to the public pound.Meeting the owner soon after this, he told him what he had done and added, "If I...

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Making Sacrifice With Joy

I heard a story once about two wealthy Christians, a lawyer and a merchant, who traveled with a group that was going around the world. As they were visiting in Korea, they saw by the side of the road, a field in which a boy was pulling a crude plow and an old man held...

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Napolean’s Patriotism

The following story is one that is reported to have been told by Napoleon to spark patriotism among his men:Once, while visiting a province he came upon an old soldier in full uniform but with one sleeve hanging empty. He proudly wore the coveted Legion of Honour....

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Alan Smith