Ushering Anger Out

Ungovernable Temper

There was once a minister in England who was troubled with a violent and ungovernable temper. Many times he had prayed for victory over it. In tears he had struggled to conquer this foe. But again and again he had been beaten and now was almost in despair. He came...

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Unopened Letters

Mr. Elijah was about sixty-five years old when he killed himself. He simply got up one morning, neatly laid his slippers on the window ledge and jumped 30 stories to his death. Everyone in the neighborhood talked about it, and the obvious conclusion was that he just...

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Disposing of Live Grenades

Melvin McDonald served in the Canadian navy during World War II. There are certain mementos he values from that season of his life. It turns out that one of them created quite a ruckus last week at police headquarters in Winnipeg.Last Monday the 79-year-old McDonald...

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Settling Disputes

Casting the lot settles disputes and keeps strong opponents apart. -- Proverbs 18:18We prayed about it. We discussed it. My friend had one desire; I had a different one. "Okay, let's settle the issue the way the early Church settled matters when an agreement could not...

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She’s Fine

My mother was a fine woman. She really was. No matter how poorly she felt, no matter how tough a day she was having, if you asked her how she was, she would answer, "Fine."Mother had not had an easy life. Her German-immigrant father had died when she was 15. She had...

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Wasting Precious Time

I recently visited a friend in the hospice unit at one of our local hospitals.As I was talking with Bill, a gentleman walked into the room. Bill began to cry and so did the gentleman. The gentleman leaned over the bed to embrace Bill. After a few moments the...

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