Another Close Call

Looks Can Be Deceiving

I woke up at 7A.M, the ninth day of my hospital stay, to see the night nurse writing the day's shift information on the chalk board across from my bed.Tracy would be the nurse's assistant for the day. I looked to see who would be my nurse and saw the name Lady Di....

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Six Inch Drop

The trip had started out like hundreds of others. Lorie Torbeck, of Appleton, Wisconsin-with the help of her teenage daughter, Eryn----had buckled the seven children who attended Lorie's home day care into their seats in Lorie's big Chevy Suburban, in preparation for...

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An Angel in the Desert

Sharon and I were finally ready to start on our first vacation/honeymoon. Sharon had never had a vacation in her life, she usually visited relatives instead. She and I were looking forward to 'our' trip together. We were tight on money. Our goals was to head West from...

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Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels Protection A gang of men walked stealthily in the moonlight, first through then around the village, armed with machetes, hunting rifles and pistols. Some stumbled on the rough pathway, due more to the liquor they had been drinking than not knowing the...

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Genelle Guzman

On the sixty-fourth floor, Genelle Guzman and her fourteen colleagues also heard the second crash. The ceiling shook, and smoke seeped ominously under the closed doors. "That's it!" One of the men shouted. "We're walking down!" Rosa and Genelle grabbed each other's...

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The Older Couple

None of it made sense. Surely they were supposed to be driving a load somewhere. But when Kathleen realized that they were going to stay all night right alongside her, she broke down. "I'm so sorry for being such a burden." She began. The couple wouldn't listen. "This...

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