Wait, Trust, Believe

by | Jun 8, 2024 | Belief, Trust, Waiting

This morning my car was in for servicing. As I sat in the customer lounge, I had to WAIT for the work to be completed. Next was TRUST; that the mechanic working on my vehicle knew what they were doing and had been properly trained for the task. Finally, when my ride was good to go, I needed to BELIEVE that all would be well with my engine, wheels, and drive-train. As human beings, we do spend a good deal of time, waiting, trusting, and believing through our daily circumstances. As Christians, the same can be said for our spiritual life and well-being when we seek God’s help.

Waiting on God takes patience. Trusting in God takes courage. Believing God exists takes faith. Before you and I can successfully WTB, I feel the need to refer you to a piece of scripture that might clarify our place in this trio of important tasks—that through each step, our Savior is already on the job.

Isaiah 55:8,9, says this: “’My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,’ says the Lord. ‘And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine. For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts are higher than your thoughts.’” (NLT)

The verse above places everything into context, that even in the midst of our struggles, we can know that our Heavenly Fathers has all the bases covered. I will be the first to admit that waiting on God is not easy, especially when I would prefer instant answers to my prayers. Trusting in a God I cannot see, feel, or go for coffee with can pose its own challenges. Believing that Jesus has a plan and a purpose in ALL things is crucial to getting us through any one of life’s tricky predicaments. And, the cool part is that God has things figured out beyond anything we can imagine or dream of.

Need an easy short prayer to assist with Waiting, Trusting and Believing?

Dear Lord,
Your ways are not my ways.
I just have to WAIT.
I just have to TRUST.
I just have to BELIEVE.
All things are under Your control.

Remember my friend, that God’s thoughts and ways are beyond our limited comprehension. We do not see the big picture like he does. But rest assured, God is never late. He knows the most intimate details of your life and mine and always knows what is best for us.

Not sure about you, but I am one-hundred percent good with that as I wait, trust, and believe!

Paul Smyth


Wait, Trust, Believe