Buried Treasure

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“And I will give you a new heart, and I will put a new spirit in you. I will take out your stony, stubborn heart and give you a tender, responsive heart.” (Ezekiel 36:26 NLT)

I walked by it numerous times, but I never knew that it was there.

As I stood by our front door waiting on my wife, I saw one of the many squirrels that scamper through our neighbourhood subdivision doing what squirrels do. Except for a few oaks, no nut-producing trees decorate our neighbourhood. I’ve often wondered what it is that these squirrels are constantly burying.

On this day, I observed as he scooted about our small front yard. Suddenly, he stopped at a particular place, positioned his small front feet for digging, and got to work. Within a matter of seconds, he had unearthed a pecan which he promptly placed between his front teeth. Our yard held a buried treasure that I knew nothing about.

A buried treasure of greater importance is found in the innermost parts of every person who chooses to follow Jesus Christ. In today’s verse, Ezekiel prophesied of a time when God would give the Spirit in a new way.

God’s Holy Spirit is every believer’s buried treasure — not buried in the sense that we can’t locate Him, but that He is often an untapped resource for successful living. Just as buried treasure does no one any good if it’s buried, so the indwelling Spirit doesn’t either if we don’t tap into His power.

If we unearth the power of the Spirit’s presence, He will give us unexplainable comfort when we need it. Since life is tough and regularly throws bombshells our way, His comfort is required on a regular basis. His comfort is a feeling deep inside that everything will be all right because God loves us and is in control.

God’s Spirit gives not only comfort but also strength to keep going when times are tough, when we are being opposed for our work for God, and when disappointment and depression zap our energy level.

A further advantage of God’s buried treasure is the gifts that He gives for work in His service. Our work for God would be impossible to complete with any notable track record were it not for His Spirit awarding us with callings, talents, and special gifts.

Have you unearthed the power of God’s buried treasure?

Prayer: Father, thank You for the presence and power of Your Spirit Who gives us the authority and strength to do the work that You have called us to do. Amen.

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Buried Treasure