The Rescued Crow

by | Aug 19, 2023 | God's Love, Salvation, Sin

Things at the Zoo were going on as normal. The Big Grizzly Bear was happily munching carrots which were scattered around on the ground in his living space. His eating was halted when he heard a loud squawking sound which seemed to be coming from the pond next to where he was eating.

He slowly moved over to the edge of the pond where he could see down into it and there he saw a crow. It was in the water behind a big stone. He reached down and scooped it out from its trapped position with his big paw which was almost as big as the crow. This enabled it to flutter across to another corner of the pond and landed — once again — in the water. It was a very moving scene to watch as crows are not really made for swimming.

The Bear strolled along the side of the pond and positioned himself directly above where the crow was. He then bent down and reached, once again, right into the water with his big paw, and trapped the crow against the side of the pond wall. Now he was able to reach down and gently catch the wing of the crow in his mouth and lift it out from the water.

Just as the rescue was about to be completed, the crow in its frightened state, pecked the bear on its nose causing it to let go of the crow. Luckily it was above the floor of the enclosure and not above the water or it would have been back to square one. The Bear strolled back to the carrots as if nothing had happened, and continued where he had left off, eating more carrots.

The crow had landed on its back when the bear had dropped it, and it lay there for a good few minutes before struggling over onto its feet. Then it stood there staring at the huge bear.

I wonder what it was thinking. Perhaps it thought it was a dream. “That bear could have killed me. Did that bear just rescue me?  He has just saved me from drowning. How could I thank him?”

We don`t know all that was going on between the Bear and the crow but it is obvious that a great act of kindness was performed on behalf of the crow.

The story is a parable, an earthly story with a heavenly meaning.

The Zoo represents the world, where the crow, which represents Humanity, falls into the pond, which represents sin. The crow is destined to die if help is not offered. The Bear, which represents God, is on hand to respond to the cry for help. He has the ability to save. “Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” (Romans 10:13 KJV).

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Donnie Black


The Rescued Crow