Nobodies or Somebodies

by | Aug 19, 2023 | Encouragement, Gifts

“Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and thus let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe…” 

(Hebrews 12:28 ESV)

I have received an email from a friend who has now been appointed a director for a Christian organisation.  I wrote to say how jealous I was and yet how glad I was not to be him!

We all have our callings.  His, I believe, is to be a leader, encourager and signpost to others. It comes with commitment, blessings and responsibilities. I know I would melt under the pressure from working out his role.   

It is not me: I have different gifts.  I like to over-think tasks, people and things, especially if I think it matters to God!  I have an informal, spontaneous, sporadic ministry, not at all what I expected it to become when I felt first called and trained. 

Yet he and I both have one thing in common: Jesus is our point of connection, despite our very different personal profiles.  What matters is our common relationship in Jesus.  Jesus is The One, who loves us for who we are, in and of ourselves, not our titles.  It is here before God’s throne in this space of being heavenly Jesus-nobodies we often have our point of meeting with Jesus.  Jesus calls us to be Jesus’ somebodies because His Love continues to lift us up from out of the mire of being in the world.  He sets us free of its influence so we can start afresh.  Through our meeting together with Jesus flows our connection to each other. It is also a place where my prophetic insight arises.

Over the years The Spirit has given me occasional insight to provide a word of encouragement to pass on which comes from knowing Jesus’ influence in my life.  In that safe place before the throne I can seek out when God is talking to me, us, our neighbour or friend. 

In the process of seeking God day-by-day we, Jesus-nobodies, can become Jesus’ somebodies fully assured of our acceptance, no matter what our designation by others, because first of all Jesus Loves us, the real us, messy as we are.  He is there to bring us salvation, safety and enlightenment whatever our worldly calling. He will encourage us and hold us close, show us the bigger picture when we think we have failed or lift us up when we do fall.  Jesus comes with us and then shows us the way forward with Him, to keep on seeking God’s will for us in the world.  Let us trust, listen and follow God’s leading today.

Prayer: LORD, thank you that no one or nothing is beyond Your ability to save or lift up and set on a new Kingdom direction.  Thank you for all those who take on the role of leadership, may their ministry be a joy to all, safe in Your Love and Care in Jesus’ name, amen.

Roderick Marshall


Nobodies or Somebodies