Digging For Victory

by | May 28, 2023 | Encouragement, Presence

I am getting older, and sometimes it becomes more tempting to sit and watch TV, have a little nap and avoid the chores for a while.  When things are going well, I can coast along being polite with the world and God, conforming to rituals but in reality focused on living in a world full of stuff and issues.

Time has shown me this may be a dangerous flaw, and when reminded of it I attempt to rise above the noise.  I guess, during the darker months, I suffer a little from S.A.D. (Seasonal Adjustment Disorder) or maybe it’s general laziness, until the New Year sun returns with its warmth and call to action.  Sometimes I am simply unwell and it seems a distant hope to engage with God.

In 1941 UK nationals were encouraged to grow their own food.  Posters portrayed vegetables in a basket with the slogan “Dig for Victory” and pamphlets showed how to plant vegetables to supply food in the face of adversity. 

I can trust Jesus the Sower to sow the seed.  His presence overrides any sense of unworthiness, forlornness and disconnection I may feel.  Experience has shown me I am loved and Jesus will always hear my plea.  Below the surface, down deep within, there is a connection waiting, seeds sown mithering to reach the light, to re-join more intentionally in prayer to Jesus: to let go of the preoccupations I cling to that distract from His Presence.

When we find our spiritual motivation is under attack, we can read the Bible and find there encouragement to dig down deep, like those who have gone before.  Maybe we can call upon others to read for us to feed upon?  We are only a prayer, a thought, a gesture away from His Saving Presence by the power of the Holy Spirit and a change of heart. 

Growing fruit, which is presently beyond our state of will, requires application, focus and determination to keep on keeping on; faith to call on Jesus and know He answers no matter what.  It is a good time to find fellowship to share in prayer to encourage one another. There no shortcut to our journey with Jesus but in the fellowshipping we find the victory with Jesus. 

Let us, whether in desperation, or by a personal revelation, dig deep to find this peace and victory with Jesus: He who has delivered us from sin freely gives us fellowship and peace that can never be taken away? 

Prayer: Immanuel, here we come pressing in to Your Presence, whether alone or by the power of the Holy Spirit, in fellowship with those who read this over the WWW today.   We say: Yes; to Your Love and Encouragement to dig deep within, to stand firm with You and not be overwhelmed: victory in Jesus’ name, amen.

Rod Marshall


Digging For Victory