No Turning Back

by | Apr 23, 2023 | Guidance, memories

“Jesus said to him, ‘No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.’” (Luke 9:62 ESV)

“But Lot’s wife, behind him, looked back, and she became a pillar of salt.” (Genesis 19:26 ESV)

There have been times in my life where I wanted to turn around and go back. I thought that the days behind me were better than the present ones. I know you can’t go back in time no matter how much you want to. If I could I would change some things. But it’s not possible or a good idea. I will sit sometimes and think what if I had done this differently or if I had made a different decision about something. That might have totally changed my life. I might not have the people in my life that I do right now. 

I do know one thing I would love to do if I had the chance to go back in time. I would spend more time with my grandparents, listening to their stories about their lives, getting to know them better. Then I would know more about them and what their lives were like. I was in my late 20’s before I knew my aunt Ruby had a twin brother that died shortly after birth. I also didn’t know until a few years ago that my other grandma lost a baby boy at 6 months old. I would like to know more about my family history now. Back then, not so much. I figured they would be around forever I guess.

But we can’t turn back. All we can do is go forward. We can move forward with Jesus at our side leading us, providing comfort to us, taking care of us. Remember Lots wife, she looked back and became a pillar of salt. I know we won’t turn into a pillar of salt if we look back, just don’t live in the past.

Keep your eyes ahead and focused on Jesus. He will never let you down. 

Have a great day everyone. 

Kathy Keller
Writer and Prayer warrior with Answers2PrayerMinistries
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No Turning Back