Weathering the Weather

by | Feb 16, 2023 | Rest, Season, Surrender, Trials

The winter of 2022 turned out to be one of the snowiest winters we’ve seen in southern Ontario, Canada, for quite a few years.

It began with the blizzard we had towards the end of January, which dumped our region with 60 cm of snow in just a handful of hours. This set the pattern, and about once a week for the next six weeks, we’d get another 10-20 cm of snow.

It is surprising that we actually didn’t have tons of accumulated snow. It was the brief days of temperatures above freezing between the storms that kept the accumulation under control. Even so, the snow in my front yard was at one point up to my mid-thigh…

Take that Wednesday in early March, for example. After two days of temperatures above freezing, coupled with a little rain, our grass was completely exposed. And guess what it did that evening? Yup! You got it! It snowed!

Even when the snow was almost gone, however, between storms, the evidence of how much it had snowed continued to stand tall and proud in the middle of the crescent we live on: Our snow mountain. As the city plow cleared the crescent, it piled the snow from the road higher and higher onto this “mountain”. It would take a lot of warm days for that snow to all melt!

On how I longed to be in Honolulu!

It took some time, but as early-spring stretched into mid-spring, as the days got longer and the temperatures got warmer, the snow mountain eventually did disappear. I, for one, didn’t miss it! I much prefer pretty much any season but Winter!

It kind of reminds me of the winter seasons in our lives. We don’t want to go there, but we have no choice. And sometimes it seems like trouble accumulates. Just like we had barely gotten dug out of one snowstorm when the next hit, we may be still reeling from one set of trouble when the next one hits, and then the next and the next! And there may not always be brighter days between the trials!

The good news is: Life’s seasons are not stagnant. They continue to change, and circumstances will eventually begin to improve. It’s tough going through the bad circumstances, but just like I know that my “snow mountain” won’t last forever, we can be assured that whatever bad times we are in, it will eventually pass as well! And while we wait, we have the option of resting in Jesus, of surrendering all of the trials to Him, of letting Him worry about tomorrow.

Whatever “winter” is upon you now, whatever trials keep bombarding you, remember: It won’t last forever, and while it does last, Jesus is there to carry you through! So while you wait, try, “…casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:7 NKJV). You’ll be amazed at how well you are able to weather your winter!

In His love,
Rob Chaffart
Director, Answers2Prayer Ministries


Weathering the Weather