Praise Reports for January 2023

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Below are just a few of the many praise reports that are coming in as a result of prayer warriors holding up one another in prayer! Answers2Prayer warriors are happy to hold your needs up before the throne of grace as well! Send us your prayer requests via:
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Prayer Request: Fahrid was experiencing difficulties with his business in the last part of 2022 due to economic difficulties etc.

Praise Report: Fahrid says,
“Fine by the grace of God, I believe, and hope, that the storm that I have been through is over for now. As you know, I am a merchant, and oh Lord, November and December from 2022 were the most hard months yet that I have  experienced, in terms of work, it was a lot more than I could handle by my own. Unfortunately, I could not enjoy the past holidays because I was so tired, stressed and busy all those days, My wife got sad but thank God she understood my situation, she was a great support for me because despite how busy I was she help me a lot and started to work with me.

For me, what it was a happy and joyful month (December is my favorite month because of Christmas and family time) it got really sad and dark, I am trying to do my best in order to be a better man, husband, worker and served of God, but I feel like drowning.

I started to pray again, asking for forgiveness because i am feeling that I am rusty, besides being ” young ” I really felt like rusty inside, A few weeks ago past Christmas, I was hearing someone blaming the economy of the country that I live, he was talking a lot of negative things and blaming all kind of stuffs because his business went bankrupt. I remember that day, because I went out to the pharmacy to buy a medicine for one of my workers because he was sick, and when I returned to my shop, It was full, there was a line of customers waiting to enter, there was no room for anyone else inside because the shop was complete full and all the salesmen were busy with others costumers, And I understood At that moment, that my shop in fact, it wasn’t mine, it’s from God, and what is him, shall always be, and that his hand was with me all the time

I prayed that night for help, I started to make numbers and speaking with my co-workers, we decided to expand and hire new people. I really don´t like changes, but I understood that it is for the best of all.

Now we are more people working and there are new ones that are really capable people, I am very excited and Happy.

Looking forward to this year to experience all the fruits from the Holy Spirit, that is my new goal, because I understand that I am an empty vessel without the Holy Spirit, I feel rusty, but with Him, I am the best version of myself and son of God.


Prayer Request: Ginger says, I have a prayer request: Please pray for Alice Goncharenko to recover from her surgery. She is unconscious and they don’t know why. Alice is our pastor’s wife and the mother of 4 children.

Praise Report: Ginger: Alice had a heart attack but it was treated immediately so she is improving. Thank you all for the prayers. Praise the Lord! And they did not find any blockage in her heart so they think it was strictly a stress response. Thank the Lord! And thank you for the prayers.


Prayer Request: Shyamala: Pray for my sister Hema’s son to return home ,he working in Erode. Two months ago who came drank and hit their car on the tree in front of their home. So my sister scolded him, he is not saved, he uses liquor at times. He left home to his working place immediately. After that he didn’t talk to his mother or any one.Lets pray for his salvation and to talk to his mom and to return home soon . she is a widow.

Praise Report: Shyamala says, Praise God sister and all the prayer warriors, my sister Hema’s son Vibin returned home for Christmas and joined with the family for the function. Thank you Jesus. Stil we need to Pray for his salvation. Thank you all who prayed.

Prayer Request: We came to a resort for two days, some miscommunication made by both of our family and our daughter’s in-laws family and huge fight at night and now they wanted to go separate, so please pray for the father in law to cool down and forgive each other. God has to settle this in a smooth way before leaving.

Praise Report: Let’s praise God bless the christening service. Our son in law behaved well ,and the time of family union was nice and joyful. It’s all a miracle. Thank you for your prayers.

Prayer Request: From Pascal: My granddaughter, Riley, is very very sick. We don’t know much detail… let’s pray for her complete healing.

Praise Report: Praise the Lord Riley is feeling much better and almost being again her old self.

Prayer Request: From Albert: I have terrible fever and stomach ache.

Praise Report: Thank you so much for your prayers support
Fever is gone. Stocmach trouble gone.
Thank you God for healing me

Prayer Request: Serah had asked for prayers for her daughter to have financial assistance to finish her college program.

Praise Report: Glory be to God Naomi has finally cleared her course God has been faithful in providing her financial needs while in college thanks for all the prayers that were offered.

Prayer Request: From Richard: Would you please pray the bold prayers of faith for my Mom. She was taken to emergency yesterday due to a very low count of sodium in her body. They administered Sodium by IV. My Sister who lives close by to her indicated that some wierd stuff were happening in her kidneys. She mentioned about possibly having a bladder infection.
We know that there is nothing too difficult for our Great Physician, Jesus that He cannot totally heal. Much appreciated for your faithful and bold prayers concerning this. By the Grace of God and for His Glory, I expect a great report to share back to you.

Praise Report: My Mom was taken to the Emergency this past weekend all because her salt level was very low and it affected her cognitive ability as she was confused. Since they have hooked her up to an IV to administer salt to her, she went to my Sisters place to rest up a few days and now she is back at her apartment. I was talking to her yesterday and she is doing much better. Praise God for that.

Prayer Request: From Richard: Pastor Garfield who could have been in critical state with his heart was concerning with his heart valve and other concerns who has also been under much stress lately (which we know doesn’t help at all)…

Praise Report: Pastor Garfield had sucessful surgery and a pacemaker put in his heart. I was advised that this took place yesterday and he is able to return home sometime today. Praising God for His mighty care upon His Children.


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Praise Reports for January 2023