Mud, Mire and Miracles

by | Oct 23, 2022 | Faith, Miracles, Relationship

Isaiah 7:11 says…”Ask the LORD your God for a sign, whether in the deepest depths or in the highest heights”

Because my husband had taken the car that foggy winter morning, I decided I could drive the old truck to bible study, even though it was a stick shift.  Getting there went fine because I took the highway but on the way home I decided to take the country roads, thinking the fog had lifted.  As I cruised along, I began to hit patches of fog that would temporarily decrease my visibility.  Though I was somewhat  worried about the fog my mind went back to the bible study and all that we had discussed, the words of encouragement and the prayer requests.  As I pondered these things, I shifted gears automatically but was unaware that my speed was increasing.  Suddenly on the other side of a foggy patch stood the usually familiar crossroad sign.  I clumsily put my foot on the clutch to gear down and brake, but there was no time.  Off I went into a muddy field with six inches of standing water.  The truck hit the field with enough force to splash my windshield with a thick covering of mud and there I sat mired in good Illinois dirt up to my hubcaps.  I thanked God that a car was not coming or that I didn’t hit the telephone pole that stood dangerously close, then I prayed, Lord, please get me out of this mess!  I started the truck, put my foot on the clutch, geared down to reverse and drove the truck out of the field without even a tire spinning.  Barely believing what had just happened, I praised God all the way home.  

Why did God answer this prayer out of so many I had prayed?  I don’t know except that I needed my own personal miracle that day.  Have you ever needed that?  I had been mired in a pit of discouragement over many things and had felt that my prayers were not getting through to God.  I had prayed many times, get me out of this pit but it seemed I was just spinning my wheels.  

Today I read a scripture that hit home with me.  Isaiah 7:11 says…”Ask the LORD your God for a sign, whether in the deepest depths or in the highest heights”.  Although I didn’t ask to run off into a cornfield, nor do I usually ask God for a sign, I received a sign that God was there.  

After that day I began to slowly climb out of that pit and as I did I could see God more clearly.  I began to feel more alive and started to see prayers answered.  I praise him for helping me out of that miry mess that day and for putting my feet firmly on the solid ground of his promises.  Thank you, Heavenly Father for my own personal miracle.

Jeanie Nihiser
Writer and Prayer warrior with Answers2Prayer Ministries


Mud, Mire and Miracles