Buried in the Backyard

by | Sep 4, 2022 | Love, Treasure

“This is how it will be with whoever stores up things for themselves but is not rich toward God.”

(Luke 12:21 NIV)

I love old stories, parables, and fables. They say so much with so few words. They reach right into your heart and mind and shine the light of truth.

One of my favorite of these stories is of an old farmer. He was constantly worried about his farm, his health, and his family’s security. This made him frustrated, fearful, angry and upset. He often took this out on his family as well. One day plowing in his back field his plow hit a chest full of gold coins. He was shocked by his sudden good luck and wondered what he would do or buy with his new wealth. In the end he decided to bury the treasure again and save it. It would be his security in times of hardship. Over the years he never dug up the gold or spent a single coin of it. Knowing it was there, however, caused a change in him. He was no longer worried or fearful. Instead he became peaceful and happy. He was kind to his sons and loving to his wife. He gave to charity and helped his neighbors. His whole life became a gift of love. The entire community was amazed at the change in him.

Finally on his deathbed he gathered his sons together to tell them the secret he had kept to himself all of those years. After he peacefully passed away his sons went out to the field to dig up the chest of gold coins. When they found it, though, it was empty. Someone had discovered it and stolen the gold long ago.

What all of us in this life need to see is that our true security isn’t buried in our backyards but buried deep in our hearts and souls. Gold is temporary. God is eternal. He loves us all so much and He is here to support us and walk with us throughout our entire lives here. Why worry then? Instead dig up your treasure of love within and share it with everyone. You will only grow richer and the inheritance you leave will last forever.

Joseph J. Mazzella


Buried in the Backyard