Praise Reports from February 2022

by | Feb 28, 2022 | Praise Report, Testimony

Below are just a few of the many praise reports that are coming in as a result of prayer warriors holding up one another in prayer! Answers2Prayer warriors are happy to hold your needs up before the throne of grace as well! Send us your prayer requests via:
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Prayer Request: I am asking the prayer warriors to join me in prayer for Leonard the father of a dear friend of mine.  Leonard is in the hospital with low vital signs probably due to kidney stones infection.  Leonard is 78 years old.  Prayer to our Faithful Lord for healing and prompt recovery.

Praise Report: My friend’s dad Leonard left the hospital with a clear bill of health. They removed the blood clot in his lung and found other small ones in his leg. They put him on blood thinner. He is well at home. Thanks for praying Warriors.


Prayer Request: This lady has been suffering from Parkinson’s, acquired at a very young age.

Praise Report: Greetings, thank you for your prayers and kindness, I am much better and I can say getting there.

Prayer Request: Gloria’s granddaughter was diagnosed with Cancer.

Praise Report: I was reassured of her recovery. Gloria called me yesterday and said the cancer wasn’t in her lymph nodes afterall, and no chemotherapy will be needed. Only surgery and a pill.

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Praise Reports from February 2022