Soak up the Sun

by | Jan 22, 2022 | Giving, Light, Love, Strength, Witnessing

“Freely you have received; freely give.” (Matthew 10:8 NIV)

For the first time in ten days the clouds cleared, the blue sky appeared, and the sun came out this morning. It rose over the trees and kissed the world with its light. The snow and frost on the ground sparkled with delight. The birds started to sing like it was April instead of January. The ice on my windows began to melt and drip away. And I felt warm as I walked outside even though it was still below freezing.

I spent some extra time looking up at the light blue sky that had been dark gray for so long. I let the weak, winter rays touch my face with their gentle warmth. I took a long, peaceful stroll and watched the light bounce off the frozen, snow covered ground with its wondrous beauty. I prayed and thanked God for a beautiful day, a beautiful world, and a beautiful life. I knew the clouds would be back before long and that the winter cold still had a long way to go. At that moment, though, it didn’t matter. I was reveling in the light.

When I finally got back inside I saw my daughter’s beagle napping in the sunbeam that shone through the living room window. I felt like joining her but knew I still had a lot to do today. I knew that it wasn’t just enough to soak up the sun. It wasn’t enough to let God’s light and love into my heart and soul. I had to share that love as well. I had to shine as well.

This life gives us ups and downs. It gives us sunny days and clouds. It is up to us, however, to make it a life worth living. It is up to us to make it a life worth loving. It is up to us to share God’s love and shine God’s light through all the fear and darkness in this world. Make sure you soak up the sun then, but make sure you shine as well. Be the being of light you were called to be. Be the Child of God you are. Help God to make this a brighter world even on the darkest days.

Joseph J. Mazzella


Soak up the Sun