Gentle Jesus

by | Sep 25, 2021 | Focus, God's Love

“A bruised reed He will not break, and a smoldering (dimly burning) wick He will not quench, till He brings justice and a just cause to victory.” (Matthew 12:20 AMPC)

Countless times, Christians feel like giving up in our daily pursuit of God and happiness. Especially when discouragements and frustrations crop up along the way, that’s normal for all of us. At times, some of us even feel that God has left us in the lurch and that His ears are no longer hearkening to our supplications.

In my previous job, I remember how some of my co-workers left work without warning or informing the management, and how they never returned to work afterwards due to the overwhelming frustrations from the job.

Giving up could be tolerated in the secular world and amongst unbelievers. But in God’s kingdom, we don’t give up on God and the pursuit of a glorious future, no matter the discouragements and temptations that we face, because we have a High Priest who is able to understand and sympathize and share our feelings, weaknesses, and infirmities and our liability to the assaults of temptation. His name is Jesus!

Our Scripture verse today further makes us understand that we serve a gentle Jesus who is so loving and caring that He wouldn’t break a bruised reed or quench a dimly burning wick. Rather, He will tend to our damaged reeds and heal our wounds — our frustrations, discouragements, sicknesses, and failures. Like the good Samaritan, He will bind up our wounds with wine and oil. He will refill our spiritual lamps with new oil and fan us back to flame, if only we will keep our eyes on Him in the midst of our storms.

Friend, no matter the storm around us, Jesus is there with us in the storm. Let’s not give up on God or on our goals yet. Let’s keep our eyes on Jesus only and call on Him today to help, for He alone is the author and finisher of our faith. Pray with me:

Prayer: Gentle Jesus, Saviour, I call on You today for help. Please help me. Heal my wounds and restore every lost hope in me. Rejuvenate my spirit, and fan me back to flame. In Your mighty name, I pray. Amen.

Owen Osa <>
Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria

Reprinted from the PresbyCan Daily Devotional with the author’s permission


Gentle Jesus