What Comes Back

by | Apr 2, 2021 | Example, God's Hands, Kindness, Love

“Why is everyone smiling at me?” 

It was a few years back when you could still see the lower half of people’s faces without masks. 

It was the first day of Spring after a rather long  and rugged Winter.  The sun was shining.  The breeze was warm.  Birds were singing songs of love.  The first flowers were popping up through the grass and even a few insects had unthawed   and were lazily buzzing about.  I spent some extra time walking outside just soaking it all in. I found myself giving thanks to God for a beautiful day, a beautiful world, and a beautiful life.           

I was still in a great mood when I headed to the local grocery store to pick up a few odds and ends.  As soon as I walked through the door a cashier greeted me with a huge smile and a   “Good morning!” that sounded more sung than spoken.  As I walked through the aisles I wondered about this when I saw an old man pushing a cart towards me.  He too looked at me and then broke into a glorious grin.  He greeted me with such kindness in his voice and we chatted about the day and beautiful weather we were having.  I picked up my last few items, rounded the corner, and ran right into another smile.  This one was on the face of a young mother with her baby girl in her arms.  Her baby joined in too with all 4 of her teeth.  

It was then that I wondered   in my mind why everyone was smiling at me.  I looked up, caught my reflection in a glass door,   and saw why.  My own face had been smiling too without me even realizing it.       

In this life what you give out is what comes back to you.  If you fill your face with smiles then smiles will come your way.  If you fill your life with love then love will be your reward.  If you fill your days with kindness, joy, giving, helping, faith, goodness, and God then you know what you will get back.  Keep smiling then!  Keep loving!  Keep laughing!  Keep giving!  Keep living your life with such joy that you make Our Heavenly Father smile!

Joseph J. Mazzella


What Comes Back