Open Your Eyes

by | Mar 27, 2021 | Blessing, God's Love, Perspective, Trials

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” (Psalms 19:1 NIV)

It was a spectacular Spring day.  

The temperatures were quickly climbing into the eighties. The sun had risen over the mountains and was bathing the earth in its golden glow.  The clouds in the blue sky looked like fluffy, white pillows fit for an angel’s head.  Some of the trees were still blooming and some were full of light green leaves.  A few of the birds were still singing but most of them were busy building nests in the trees and laying eggs in the bird houses.  My front yard was covered in a sea of beautiful buttercups stretching their yellow faces towards the warming sun.  Bumble bees were bouncing from flower to flower and heavenly butterflies were floating from the buttercups to the dandelions.  The air too smelt fresh, sweet, and full of life.  I let its gentle breeze caress my face while I walked my dogs in the yard.  

After a while I noticed them sitting in the grass and staring at me.  I had lost track of time instead of rushing them back in like I had all winter long.  I just wanted to stay outside for as long as I could.  I  could feel God’s love everywhere around me and inside me as well.
I guess one of the reasons it felt so good being out on a day like this was because it had been such a long, cold, dark, and gray Winter. The March cold had stretched into April and even the beginning of May.  Days had been full of chilly rain and gloomy, overcast skies.  Being out now felt like putting on a badly needed pair of glasses and finally seeing the world clearly again.
Still, I knew in my heart that God and His love had been with me during those Winter months as well.  I just hadn’t been able to see it as clearly as I did today.  Life is like that.  On some days God’s love is as clear as a blue sky.  At other times you have to put on your glasses, open your eyes wider, and open your heart deeper in order to feel it and share it with the world.  
Open your eyes then!  Feel God’s Love everywhere!  And add your love to it as well!

Joseph J. Mazzella


Open Your Eyes