On the Side of Love

by | Jan 29, 2021 | Creation, Love

For the last three nights I hadn’t slept too well.  I would wake up over an hour earlier than   normal and then be unable to get back to sleep.  I was a bit tired then when I went into my   bedroom to watch a little television this evening.  The nightly news was its usual horror show of   hatred, rancor, prejudice, and division.  I turned it off and put on some music instead.  I picked   up a book and tried to read but could feel my eyelids getting heavier and heavier.  Finally, I   closed them and laid my book on my chest.  A nap would be just what I needed.       

After a while I felt something rousing me from my slumber.  It was warm breath hitting me   right in the face.  I slowly opened my eyes and saw a long, sweet looking face covered in white   and gold fur.  Its pink nose was breathing on me and its big, brown eyes were looking at me with   love.  I smiled and said, “Hello Fluffy”.  Suddenly my face was covered in dog kisses while his   curled tail wagged, joyfully banging against the night stand.  I hugged his neck, petted his head,   scratched his belly, and laughed as he continued to shower me with his love.  I soaked it all in   and thought to myself: “If only we humans could love each other as purely and unconditionally   as our dogs love us, what a wonderful world this would be.”       

God gave us dogs to be our best friends and greatest teachers of love.  We should not ignore   the lessons they teach.  We should give our hearts freely, our love joyfully, and our kindness   unconditionally.  We should live our lives on the side of love.  We should spend our days   creating happiness and making this world a better place.  We should see everyone no matter how   they look or what they believe as our brothers and sisters.  We should love ourselves and   everyone else as God loves us.  And we should say each day, “Thank you dear God for dogs.”

Joseph J. Mazzella


On the Side of Love