Every Little Bit Helps

by | Dec 12, 2020 | Gifts, Love

Clankity Clank, Clankity Clank, Clankity-Clankity-Clankity Clank. It was a cold, December day. I had just pulled up to the department store in my old car. As soon as I got out the Winter wind bit into me. Yet, carried on this bitter wind was the sweet sound of a bell ringing. I looked towards the entrance of the store and saw a Salvation Army bell ringer in front of it. She was an older lady, clearly in her eighties, but she wore a Santa hat and a big smile as well.

I’d always tried to drop a dollar in the kettle when I walked by these bell ringers. The Salvation Army did wonderful work all over the world helping those in the most need. When I glanced in my wallet this time, however, I didn’t have anything smaller than a five. I fished around my pockets, pulled out around fifty cents in change and walked up to the lady. I apologized to her for not giving more. “That’s ok, Sweetie,” she said. “Every little bit helps.”

When I looked in her eyes at that moment I saw the love of Christ shining in them and when I saw her happy smile I could feel my soul grow lighter. I reached back into my wallet, pulled out the five dollar bill, and dropped it in the kettle. I walked in the store knowing too that the gift she had just given me was worth far more than any amount of money I could ever donate.

As the years have passed since then I have cherished that gift and used it often. It has warmed my heart during the cold times and helped me to warm others as well. That gift was the simple truth: “Every little bit helps.” Every smile we share, helps. Every caring word we say, helps. Every act of kindness we do, helps. Every bit of love we give, helps.

Robert Fulghum wrote: “The world as it is needs those who will love it enough to change it, with what they have, where they are.” Be one of those people. Help God to change this world with your love. And always remember “Every little bit helps!”

Joseph J. Mazzella


Every Little Bit Helps