Healed of Cancer!

by | Nov 22, 2020 | Healing, Praise Report

A good friend just submitted this praise report:

Just received a call from JS… we went to see her on May 17, 2020 immediately after she was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer. She had a mass in her intestines and lymph node involvement under both arms. Jesus answered fervent prayers of many on her behalf. She went through standard allopathic treatment. In addition, she took Hemohim (6-8 daily) and Fantastic Five. She had many challenges along the way like blood clots and frequent UTIs, but she says, the Hemohim significantly increased her energy.

She just called to tell me that based on tests last week, she has been declared cancer free!!!

This is the song she sang in her weakened state when we visited her that day in May. It expressed her faith and trust in God to be with her in what seemed like a hopeless situation at the time. God has indeed carried her through the storm!✝️ Ride Out Your Storm https://youtu.be/aqGeV_yqwlk

Here is a second cancer-related praise report she sent in as well:

Received a text from MW, a cancer victim who started Hemohim and Fantastic FIVE in June, 2020. She had been told that she must take chemo pill for the rest of her life. Text stated that she had gotten a phone call from the Dr. earlier that day. He told her that the “so-called cancer” as she put it, is in remission. May God be glorified!


Healed of Cancer!