My Painful Knees: Lessons From the Classroom, Part 21

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On Monday, in Lessons From the Classroom, Part 20, I told the story of how God moved me into a specific school to continue my teaching career… And then closed the door to a Bible Club, forever!

I didn’t understand what God was up to. Hadn’t I faithfully served Him through the Bible Club at my former school? Hadn’t His name been glorified? Hadn’t many students — and staff members too! — come to know the Lord as a result of this ministry? Hadn’t God placed this desire on my heart? Then why had He closed the door to the one way I could make a kingdom difference in a public school?

I wasn’t immediately given the answers to these questions. God, in His wisdom, wanted me to learn a vital lesson. I had to surrender all ministry possibilities for my new school to Him. I had to come to terms with the fact that “I” might not be “in the know” as to what He had planned for my new school. It was humbling, to say the least, but I also had what would perhaps be an even bigger responsibility: I had to be in touch with my Heavenly Father — All the time! – to see where He was at work and where He wanted me to join Him.

I had always known that a ministry would only prosper if God were left in charge. This was, however, only head knowledge at this stage in my life, not heart knowledge, and God wanted me to learn to truly trust Him to know how to minister to my students and fellow teachers and staff.

Not knowing how else to proceed with my school ministry, I decided to put my all into my new Grade 5 students. I determined to show them love, to listen to them, to help them in ever possible way. They began to thrive, but somehow, I still felt there was something else God had for me at this school. Otherwise, why would He have placed me here?

One day, however, I felt His gentle nudging that I had grown to know meant He had something for me. I had just finished eating lunch when it happened: A sharp pain shot through my knee.

I had no idea why or what could be causing this pain, but the pain was so intense that I couldn’t even sit.

I turned to my Father in prayer: “God, what’s going on here? You know I can’t finish my day here at school with this pain in my knee!”

His voice resounded in my mind: “Go for a walk.”

“What? But it hurts to walk!”

The impression was clear, however: I needed to go for a walk! I still had another 30 minutes left of my lunch break, so I headed out of the building and limped down the stairs to the sidewalk. If God wanted me to go for a walk, than even though I didn’t understand it at all, and even though the pain ripped through my entire leg with each step, I walked. Within 15 minutes — I hadn’t even made it around the block! — I was healed. No more pain whatsoever in my knee.

You can be sure that I thanked God profusely. Still, what about the feeling that had come over me before my knee started to hurt? The feeling that God was about to make His will for my new school known to me? I mean, I was very grateful that He healed my knee, but witnessing wasn’t about me being healed. It was about showing God’s grace and power to others!

Wait. Healing. Had God healed me as a sign that He wanted me to begin praying for my students and staff that they might receive physical healing? Is this why God had placed me here?

As this thought went through my head, I again felt God’s presence, and His voice resounded through my head: “You will make miracles in your school.”

My eyes opened wide. “But… How will I know who needs help?”

The impression on my mind was clear: I was to trust God. He would show me!


I determined right then and there to trust my Heavenly Father with whatever He had in mind for me to do for Him at my new school — even if it included a healing ministry! That thought send a thrill of excitement through my veins. God had closed the door on a Bible Club, but He was opening it to a healing ministry! Now I would be able to show the students and staff at my school what it is like to know Jesus!

“Heal me, Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise.” (Jeremiah 17:14 NIV)

Rob Chaffart

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My Painful Knees: Lessons From the Classroom, Part 21