Praise Report!

by | Oct 7, 2020 | Answered Prayers, Praise Report, Testimony

I had been having problem with the bleeding part and abdomen pain for a couple years on and off.The first biopsy had come back negative 2 years ago but the bleeding waned on and off despite a procedure to remove a growth. This time, when fresh blood came out for 2 weeks, I saw the doctor again. He did a biopsy right away and scheduled me for surgery October 1 of this year. The week prior to surgery, he asked to see me. On the day I came, the bleeding completely stopped and so did the pain. Nothing could be found which left my doctor scratching his head. He is muslim and is supposed to be the best there is. It was as if nothing ever transpired. No traces as if everything was just made up. He went “What happened?” “I prayed” I said. God works miracles when we least expect it. I just experienced mine. Praise Him.

Candy Araneta


Praise Report!