by | Jun 13, 2020 | Decision, Poem

I have been given a great gift
That may be my redemption or death;
Fruit of possibilities it may be,
Shade of creation it may speak,
But if greed gets his claw in me,
Then I will set the world aflame
And kindle the candle of chaos again.

When I am sad and depressed,
It is because of the burden of this gift.
When I am alone, I cry
Because of this gift in my palm.
Will my dreams come true,
If I take a bold step and make a wish?
Will I sing, laugh and smile,
If I listen to the voice of my heart?

I wonder what will be written
In the archives of the immortals
To remember my hour of decision.
I wonder what will be written
In the library of mankind
To remember the path that I chose.
Ah! What a great dilemma!

©Okunola Peace.