Lessons From the Drivers’ License Bureau

by | Jun 9, 2020 | Self-Worth

Moving is just not my favorite thing. I suppose the thing I detested most on my last move was not the packing and unpacking as much as having to get a new driver’s license in a new state.

Two days before my birthday I went into the Drivers License Bureau with a cheerful face and a happy heart. I had nothing to worry about I had been driving for years. Although, no one at the bureau seemed to be at all interested in the fact that I had an almost perfect driving record for 50 years.

The man at the counter shoved the test toward me with the words, “Fill it out and bring it back. ” My husband took his and we went to opposite sides of the room and began. It seemed like I had hardly begun when I looked up to see my husband having his picture taken.

I knew the road signs. You recognize what they mean even before you can read them, The red sign with 8 sides is a stop sign, and of course the triangle is a yield sign.

They were simple and easy to understand but some of the other questions seemed a little misleading to me.

I finished and returned to the counter and handed in my test. The man at the counter had hardly looked at my test, when he reached into a drawer and handed me another. “What is this for,” I asked “Lady, you flunked this one, try again,” he remarked curtly. “By the way, how long did you say you had been driving?” I ignored his remark. By now my cheerful heart and happy face was quickly being replaced with a grouchy feeling and a complete distaste for the man at the counter and anything and everything that had to do with a drivers license. In fact at that moment I don’t think I liked anything.

This time I went more carefully and reread several questions and once again went up to the counter with the thought that if he gives this back I will quit driving my car along with a few other hateful thoughts.

As the man checked my test I glanced around the room to see where my husband was and to my surprise I noticed several people with smiles on their faces obviously looking at me. Of course I returned the smile.

“Step over to the camera and get your picture taken after you pay and have your eyes checked.” “I passed?” I asked. “That’s what I just said, lady.” “Next”, he bellowed.

I obediently did as I was instructed and started out the door. “Wait a moment, mam.” I turned to see who was calling to me. I recognized the young man speaking to me as one who had smiled earlier.” “My girlfriend and I had a bet as to what you would say to that guy. I said that you would tell him off in no time flat and she said you wouldn’t, she said, “No, she won’t, look how happy she is.” He continued, “I guess she won the bet, but that’s o.k. I wouldn’t let her pay for dinner anyway.”

I couldn’t contain my smile, “Tell her I said, thanks,” I said as I walked away to join my husband. “What are you smiling about”, he asked. “Oh, nothing,” I just realized how important signs are, they even show in your face.”

I really didn’t deserve the young girls’ confidence due to the feelings I held inside, but her comment made me stop and think how easy we can relate our feelings to others. We can show, “you matter to me, or you’re something special, or you have worth,” without even saying a word. Those are signs we all need. Maybe I owe the man at the Drivers License Bureau a big Thank you. It’s something to think about.

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Lessons From the Drivers’ License Bureau