Suffering From Cystic Fibrosis

by | Jun 7, 2020 | Healing, Miracles, Provision

I can give you wonderful news about Christine and Rachel. Their cupboards are filled with food and a true miracle has occurred for Rachel. Praise The Lord! A recent x-ray of her lungs has shown them to be healed of the damage of her cystic fibrosis. Just a few months ago her lungs were so scarred that her doctor gave her only two years to live. Now she is breathing better than she has ever breathed in her life. Thank you for your prayers. Christine is still battling her chronic encephalitis, but she is a fierce prayer warrior interceding on behalf of others.

Thank you again.. and Praise God for His miracle.

Original request: Christine and Rachel Cleary of Tulsa Oklahoma. Rachel is her daughter, a teenager with Cystic Fibrosis. Christine has chronic encephalitis. Each month is a financial struggle, each month is filled with the specter of homelessness and choices between foods and medicines.

Phyllis (Received on Wednesday June 28, 2000)


Suffering From Cystic Fibrosis