Samuel Morse

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One day a friend of Samuel Morse, inventor of the telegraph, said to him, “Professor, when you were making your experiments, did you ever come to a place not knowing what to do next?”

“More than once,” Morse replied, “and whenever I could not see my way clearly, I knelt down and prayed to God for light and understanding.”

Then Morse added: “When flattering honours came to me from American and Europe on account of my invention, I never felt I deserved them. I had made a valuable application of electricity, not because I was superior to another men, but solely because God, who meant it for mankind, must reveal it to someone, and was pleased to reveal it to me.”

In May, 1844, the first message to be sent over the telegraph, dispatched by Morse himself between Washington and Baltimore, were the words: “What hath God wrought!”

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Samuel Morse