From Bed to Bed

by | Jun 2, 2020 | Listening, Miracles

n the same visit to Guatemala, my wife and I, along with the couple previously mentioned, were asked to pray for a woman hospitalized with tuberculosis. We found her in a ward with approximately 40 other women, the beds being only about three feet apart. It was simply an area in the hospital where the doctors and nurses could attend the very poor. Not even partitions separated the women. And yes, this woman was coughing her tuberculosis all over those around her.

As we talked and prayed with her, we noticed the lady in the next bed observing us closely. When we finished she asked if we would be willing to pray for her. Of course we were glad to and inquired about her need. She pulled her arms out from under the covers and showed us her two hands, curled back toward her body, somewhat frozen in that position. They were totally unusable. Her feet were also the same way.

While in the hospital for back surgery, the doctor had accidentally cut a nerve in her spinal cord, leaving her in this condition. There was nothing they could do to correct the problem.

Compassion filled our hearts as we asked the Lord to meet her need. Nothing noticeable happened, but we encouraged her to trust the Lord and drifted across the room to see if we could share Jesus with anyone else. No hospital employees were present, so we had relative freedom to do as we pleased.

Just as we began to visit with another lady across the room, we heard a sudden commotion and someone screaming, “Milagro! Milagro! Milagro!” We turned to look and saw the lady moving her hands wildly, opening and closing them, wiggling her fingers, kicking her feet under the covers and shouting the Spanish word for miracle. A meeting had taken place!

I don’t know who was more surprised-the lady who was healed, the other ladies in the room or me. I hoped for a miracle but I don’t think I believed for one. I remember thinking, This sort of thing only happened during Bible days.

The next thing we knew, every woman in the room was begging us to minister to them. We went from bed to bed just like we knew what we were doing-leading women to Christ and praying for their recoveries. I remember thinking, This is wild. Is it real or am I dreaming? We’re having revival in a hospital ward! Several were saved, the lady with tuberculosis was also healed and another lady who had been scheduled for exploratory surgery the following morning was instead sent home healed. In general, we just had a good time! We even sang a song or two. Probably shouldn’t have because a hospital employee heard us, came to the room and asked us to leave. She left but we didn’t. Too many women were begging for prayer. A few minutes later she returned and “graciously” escorted us out of the hospital.

What on earth can turn a sad, hopeless, disease-filled ward into a church service? God! God meeting with people. And prayer meetings create God meetings!

Intercessory Prayer by Dutch Sheets, p.53-54. 1996, Gospel Light/Regal Books, Ventura, CA 93003. Used by Permission


From Bed to Bed