Dear Jesus

by | Jun 2, 2020 | Humility, Poem, Repentance

Dear Lord, I came to have a talk with you;
I need to seek forgiveness, for some things I didn’t do.
There’s been times I’ve failed to spread your word,
And your sweet voice I ignored,
So now, I’m asking you for one more chance,
To prove my love for you,

“Dear Lord”There’s been times I should have mentioned;
How you died upon that cross
And how your blood served as a ransom,
For the sinners who were lost

Lord, I have no good excuses;
And to lie, I can’t afford,
So now I’m down on bended knees,
Begging for mercy ,Please,
“Dear Lord”Lord, you know I’m going to stumble;
And sometimes I’ll even fall,
So just remind me to be humble,
And heed your sweet voice when you call.

Many Blessings: Vickie Lambdin copyright:2002


Dear Jesus