My Confident

by | May 28, 2020 | Confidence, Poem

Lord, I don’t know what I’d do
Without You by my side.
You’re my help, in times of trouble;
My confidant and guide.

When I feel so overwhelmed, Lord,
By these troubles that I bear,
You lift these burdens from me
When I kneel to You in prayer.

When I pray for You to intervene,
Take my life into Your hands,
My soul feels so much lighter, Lord;
Knowing you’re in full command.

You are so much wiser, Lord,
Than any man I’ve ever known
And the miracles that you’ve performed
Have surpassed man’s deeds, alone.

For, no man has ever raised the dead
Or made a blind man see
And he’s never walked on water,
Like You did in Galilee.

So, Lord, I’ll put my faith in you,
As man will let me down.
I’ll seek my shelter ‘neath your wings,
Where peace and love abound.

© 2004 by Vickie Lambdin


My Confident