Moving Out West: My Little Princess, Part 1

by | May 25, 2020 | Addiction, Deliverance, My Little Princess, Salvation

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10b NIV)

All through my college years I dreamed of owning a Siamese cat. I have always been attracted to this particular breed, and when my neighbor had some kittens that would be ready by graduation, I considered this a gift from Heaven.

One week before my long trek from Michigan to Walla Walla, Washington, where I would become a French professor at the local college, I picked up my kitten. She was beautiful, and the delicate way she walked made it clear that this cat was of royal blood. It seemed only natural that she be called “Princess”.

Princess was a very inquisitive kitten. She was smarter than any dog I have ever met, and would have been very incensed to have been compared to one! She began showing me just how smart she was that very first day in my home. Sometime during the night, she located a can of cat food, somehow figured out how to get it open, and devoured the contents!

A few days later, my mother and father flew over from Europe to help me move from the East to the West coast of the United States. Having been a college student, I didn’t have many possessions, and what I had, along with Princess and the three human passengers, easily fit into my car. My mother insisted in taking Princess wherever we went. We soon learned, however, that cats were not always welcome in human establishments. This didn’t deter my mom one bit. She bought a cloth bag, and hiding Princess inside, she sneaked her into restaurants, shopping malls, and hotels alike. I can still vividly remember being at a Wendy’s restaurant and seeing my mom stuff chicken and French fries into her bag! If anyone noticed her, they must have wondered why someone would feed a bag! But mom wasn’t as fast as Princess wanted her to be, and we soon heard: “Meow!!!” The other customers stared at us, but we just looked the other way, pretending we didn’t hear anything!

On our way to Washington State, we decided to visit Yellowstone Park. Princess wore a leash as a safety precaution, but she explored the park from her perch on our shoulders. She wasn’t impressed with Old Faithful, and even less by the huge bison grazing in the meadows. Tourists were attracted to her, however, and she soon became the main event of the day.

We were at a hotel the day she first saw her reflection in a mirror. She hissed and spit, but nothing would make that other cat go away! Hanging over a table in the same room was a light that could be switched on and off using a hanging chain. My mother took Princess’ front paws and showed her how to turn it on and off. She didn’t seem impressed; but later, in the middle of the night to be exact, when all of her humans were sleeping and “ignoring” her, she woke us all up by turning the light on and off, over and over again! Needless to say, we started that day quite early!

In another hotel, we were placed on the twelfth floor. We had been out shopping and we returned to our room with the anticipation that we would be greeted by a playful kitten. When she was nowhere to be found, we began our search: under the beds, in the closets, in the shower, but to no avail. Where could she be? Then we noticed that the window had been left open. We stuck our heads out to discover Princess on a narrow ledge, all the way on the other side of the hotel! We called her, and to our dismay, she RAN along that narrow ledge to come to us! How relieved we were that she didn’t fall the twelve floors to her death!

Another time, we took her to a 360 degreed movie theater where there was an underwater adventure being shown. Princess tried to chase the fish with her paws, but she couldn’t figure out why she never was able to catch one!

Believe me, we never had a dull moment, all the way to Seattle. My move was an adventure that I will NEVER forget! What could have been a boring trip-moving is NEVER fun!-was enlightened by the presence of my little Princess.

I know of only one other person who has brought such life and vigor into my existence. That person is my Savior Jesus Christ. Before I got to know Him, I led a very dull life, imprisoned in terrible sin. Not only did He show me the way out, he taught me to enjoy life to the fullest. No dull moments any longer. Life became an adventure, with both its challenges and its rewards. I now have a close friend who I can rely on, no matter what the circumstances. There is no longer time to be depressed, no time for pity parties (although I may be tempted!). He brings life into my existence, and He can do the same to yours. All you need to do is invite Him into your heart and experience His unbelievable relationship.

Will you let Him in?

Rob Chaffart

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Moving Out West: My Little Princess, Part 1