Bound? Or Boundless?

by | May 23, 2020 | New Year, Trials

When the clock struck midnight and ended an era in 2019, we reveled in the endless possibilities and the marvel that 2020 could bring. Here we are in 2020 with all our plans on hold as this world wanders around in uncertainty. Uncertainty over life, health, jobs, the economy, education, promotion, increases, marriage and uncertainty in every facet of human existence that we are prone to trust.

If you look back, somewhere on your timeline, you went through other times of uncertainty or disappointment or fear or lack or sadness or loss or mourning or sickness or any name that brought you to pain and tears. It was not shared by the whole world, but it did shake your whole world. You made it through, and that mountain you faced melted like wax. The same God that made your impossible possible is the one who is still with you. Facing uncertainty is not the problem. It is who you face it with that makes all the difference. You can be among the most powerful and still be bound with fear or you can be alone in the presence of the all-powerful(omnipotent) and have boundless faith.

Exodus 3:9(NIV)
And now the cry of the Israelites (Your nation) has reached me…

Deliverance will come once again like it always comes. Jesus is our certain during all uncertainty and our constant amid pandemonium. The circumstances may vary but our results are always the same. We are overcomers with our testimony of overcoming.

My Declaration
If you are for me Jesus, nothing can stand against me. I am not bound with fear but have boundless faith. 

By Hazel Moodley, Durban South Africa. Author of Woman in God


Bound? Or Boundless?