Bigger Than Our Questions

by | May 23, 2020 | Miracles, Provision, Trials

As I write this praise report, I can say boldly that God is bigger than all our questions. There is always an end intended by God for every question we may have (James 5:11). I realize as a Christian I have had the tendency, as we all sometimes have to think we don’t deserve certain kind of problems (as if these problems are meant for others and not for us).

Honestly, I trivialized pregnancy before my marriage, I always assumed it will just follow after one gets married, if any thing, all that bothered me when I got married to my darling husband in 1995, was what method of family planning would be best, I never imagined for one day that I’ll be spending the next seven years asking God why children were not forthcoming. Over these years of waiting, I have not only learnt to trust God more but I have realized that time belongs to Him no matter what our Calendar reads and how we may choose to mark time.

When storms gather, the devil intends that they send us down the valley but God allows storms so that we grow more and more to trust Him for the supernatural, something beyond the ordinary. Today, I can say I have experienced that supernatural power of God. I have learnt that the Anchor holds even when the ship is battered. I am glad He chose to use me to manifest His power.

Please take a few minutes to ponder on our testimony below and let this be an encouragement to everyone that with God, nothing is impossible. (Luke 1: 37)

In the first year of marriage, I wasn’t too bothered about having a child. However, I became anxious in the second year, when nothing happened. As the years went by, we resolved to trust God totally as Medical Science could not offer any answer.

About late 1999, I became pregnant and we were totally overjoyed. I was convinced this was the end of the problem. Out of nowhere, the enemy attacked and I had the baby pre-term in the seventh month of pregnancy. I had a lways thought the pain of waiting for conception was the worse any one could pass through but now I know that it is a “child’s play” when compared with being pregnant and loosing it. Our first child (a beautiful baby boy) died about two hours after delivery and up till today, I can’t explain why.

There was no complication at delivery and well, I had heard of babies surviving at this stage of pregnancy, in fact, I thought it was going to be one of those exceptional testimonies but God knows best! I thought I will not come through it but God gave me a song, the song never left my mouth. Funny enough, it was a song of victory. Many may not see the victory in this circumstance but God made me “see” what was meant for me in this seeming terrible trial.

First of all, I realized that I could no longer be considered “barren” because God had opened my womb with this child. Secondly, I could trust God more since this again proved that medical science was not ultimate. Finally, I could appreciate Habakkuk 3: 17-18) that when the fig tree does not blossom, I will still praise the Lord. My resolution was that no problem or question will quench my thirst and Love for God because I serve Him not for what He chooses to allow me pass through but because I love Him and rest in the assurance that His word and promises NEVER fail, even if they tarry.

These lessons carried me through and when we immigrated to Canada in September 2001, we decided that rather than continue to “ask” God for Children, we will begin to “thank” Him for having them by faith. It was with this attitude we received the conception of another child in February as we marked our seventh wedding anniversary. We believe strongly that God’s gift for this anniversary is our Son Nathan (Nathan means the gift of God) born on 20th October 2002. We also call him Joseph because God has greatly increased us in Canada beyond imaginable measures. What the enemy thought evil, God meant unto good (Gen 50:20) Like Rachael of old, I can proclaim that “The Lord remembered me, I have conceived, I have a son, God has taken away my reproach, the Lord has given me another son, and I call him, Joseph. (Gen 30: 22-24). Please feel free to share this testimony with as many as possible. God is still a Rewarder of them that diligently seek Him (Heb11:6)

Stella Toyin Jonah


Bigger Than Our Questions