Great I Am

by | May 22, 2020 | Poem, Worry

There’s so much pain and suffering, Lord;
Things that I don’t understand.
But, it’s not for me to question
Because You’re ‘The Great I Am’.

There’s so many tears and heartaches
While we travel down life’s road;
As Satan wreaks havoc and destruction
In this world, down here, below.

But, we know You’re still the same, Lord,
As You were in Bible times;
Reaching down from Heaven, with Your loving hands,
To heal the lame and blind.

We know that Satan doesn’t stand a prayer
When all is said and done
Because you’re triune with the Father;
God’s one and only Son.

And while we may be heavy laden
With burdens and despair,
If we’ll just look inside our hearts,
We’ll find your love and healing power.

So, let not our hearts be troubled
When pain and sorrow strike
Because the Lord is just a prayer away;
Morning, noon, and night.

© 2006 by Vickie Lambdin


Great I Am