God, Be Near Others

by | May 22, 2020 | Poem, Presence

God, as I sat here, suffering from shingles,
They hurts so badly that my body twinges.
God, be near others that suffer.
Father, I have time to think of those that are hurting.

Some cannot walk. Others cannot talk.
Why should I whine through this pain?
What do I have to gain?
God, be near others.

There have been days I cried, in agony,
Praying, with tears flowing down my cheeks.
God, be near others that are crying.
Some are so burdened by their pain and grief,

Material losses and even their vanity.
God, be near others.
I did not ask you to take the shingles away.
It was for your purpose, to teach me to say,

“God, be near others that suffer this day.”
Our world is in turmoil, with confusion and war.
Help us, in our faith, to soar;
Lifting up others that you so adore.

God, be near others that have suffered more.

Sarah Berthelson Sarah@Berthelson.com


God, Be Near Others