Standing in the Shadows of Giants

by | May 19, 2020 | Deliverance, Stress, Trials

Alas, the forty years wandering in the desert was finally coming to an end and the sight of the Promised Land was close at hand!.

Moses sent a group of able bodied men to travel into Canaan to check out the Israelites new home. When they returned, all they kept talking about was the “GIANTS in the land.” GIANTS! Each and every day we are faced with GIANTS and how we react to their presence determines our walk with the Lord.

Recently I have been undergoing presurgical testing. I wanted the lab work to prove that I was qualified for surgery but roadblocks kept popping up. My blood levels were off, my heart suddenly developed an extra thump, and when I sleep my oxygen level would drop. These were GIANTS in my walk with the Lord. Instead of giving the whole physical nature of my well being to the Lord to rule over, I paced the floor and deprived myself sleep in worrying.

Recently, the Lord asked me why I was still awake at 3AM. The only answer I had was that I am dreading a call from my doctor saying that the surgery is off. I head God in His Jewish accent laughing at me and saying: “At three o’clock in the morning the doctor is going to call you?”

As I reached for my Bible and it fell open to Numbers 13. Since I have not read the Book of Numbers in ages, I wondered what special messages could be there. In verse 33 the men who returned from viewing the Promised Land brought back a bad report of GIANTS! But Joshua and Caleb had the attitude that with God anything is possible and they are able to slay those GIANTS and grab the goods from the Valley of Eshcol

I stared at the words before me in verse 27 where the land is flowing with milk and honey. All I had to do is lay claim to the blessings. God showed me that He is an Awesome Wonderful God who with the exhaled breath HE can destroy all GIANTS, and that I am displaying my fears in the shadow of these same GIANTS.

Your GIANTS could be the excuses you overly repeat that keep hindering your walk in the Lord. Some people call it our “EXCESS BAGGAGE.” We are given the promises of being a victorious over-comer when we step outside of the GIANTS shadow.

Moses might not have stepped foot into the Promised Land, but Joshua and Caleb witnessed the effects of defeating the GIANTS in their lives. Phillipians 4:13 states that I have strength for ALL things in Christ Who empower me. I am ready for anything through Jesus because He infuses me with His strength. I am self sufficient in Jesus’ sufficiency. [Amplified verson]

It may take me awhile to slay all the GIANTS in my life, but I know that with Jesus beside me the Sonshine will shine on me and not on the backs of the GIANTS.

Sue Ramsey


Standing in the Shadows of Giants