The Morning Mist

by | May 17, 2020 | Experiencing God, Poem

Like the morning mist, He swept my sins away,

When I gave my heart to Jesus one warm Sunday,

Inside a Church, upon a hill beside, some trees.
Since then Jesus has covered all my sins, my fees.

It is just a heartbeat away to take hold of His hand
Just kneel and Pray and He will let you understand.
He will fill your heart with glory; wash your sins away.
Come give your heart to Jesus; he will be with you every day.

Many have come to Him; many still come to love Him today.
He is the one we need to have, all the long, long way.
We need Him in our family, our home and in all things.
He will bless us now and forever; happiness He brings.

The mist of Jesus is like holiness; renews our soul again.
Though Satan beguiles us, we need to hold tightly to Jesus’ hand.
He is our love of today and tomorrow, and all our life.
This wonderful Savior named Jesus will take away strife.

Let us tell our neighbor, our friend and our foe.
Let us take His sweet message with us, where ere we go.
The work we do may save the souls of thousands today.
Jesus depends on all that love Him, to hold love all the way.

©Pearlie Duncan Walker
May 17 2007


The Morning Mist