Banyan Tree

by | May 8, 2020 | Bible, Holy Spirit

Matthew 13:6 :b ” Because they had no roots, they dried up and withered away.”

As I went for a walk in my sisters’ neighborhood in Boca Raton, Florida I noticed a huge tree growing in someone’s front yard. It was a Banyan tree – majestic in size and beauty! I walked close and gave it careful inspection, and noticed this species had a very unusual form .There is a large trunk with many branches extending from it, bearing green leaves. I knew that below the ground there was a sound root structure which supports this tree. There is another root system which is heavily entwined with the branches, above the ground.. The root system below the earth is very strong and gets its nourishment from the soil; it is so hardy it is able to support the massive trunk, branches and leaves which were visible to me. The roots above the ground were barren- nothing was growing from them at all. They looked dry and brittle- void of life.

God used this tree to remind me to keep my roots in His Word if I want nourishment. There is enough Spiritual food in the Bible to help me grow strong, branch out , bear joy and bring His beauty and goodness into the lives of others. If I allow myself to be a barren root—with nothing to sustain me , how can I have the opportunity to grow and bloom?

Prayer- Lord, please let us be led by the Holy Spirit each day to have the desire to delve into your Word. We need the nourishment You have offered to sustain us for the tasks You placed before us. I pray your Holy Words will accumulate in our minds and heart, never to leave us.

Marion Smith


Banyan Tree